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Licensmodeller och villkor är under ständig förändring. Teknologi utveckling, uppköp, nya avtalsformer med mera skapar en stor osäkerhet för användarna. Detta kombinerat med att leverantörerna initierar fler audits spär ytterligare på osäkerheten.

Are your SW License Management plans proactive and effective?

Today, the cost of SW licenses is recognized as an increasing part of the corporate IT budget, yet relatively few companies have adopted processes and policies to proactively manage and control the cost of license entitlement and usage. Having been involved with SW License Management for some time I’ve observed five steps along the way from no plans to effective proactive SW license management.

  • 1. No plans
  • Have no plans, no contingency plans, instead – confidence in relationship- and negotiation skills with SW vendors.

  • 2. Reactive plans
  • Budgets for potential SW License Management audit which raises compliance issues, however budget may be insufficient for potential ‘over-licencing’.

  • 3. Basic Proactive Plans
  • Identifies and assigns responsibility for SW License Management, but at such a low level in the organization it is difficult to establish and monitor policies and process.

  • 4. Limited Proactive Plans
  • Established SW Licence management function with processes and policies established, but difficulties ensuring compliance with these processes. Low staff level to manage complexity of internal and external changes.

  • 5. Effective Proactive Plans
  • Mature SW License Management function. Processes and polices established and implemented effectively. Runs regular internal audits for SW compliance. When purchasing new licenses ensures license metrics are manageable.

    Where is your company?

    Author; Eva-Maria Sjöholm, Appreciator AB