Appreciator – Ensures the correct software licensing & IT decisions.

Whether you develop and/or manage your software in house, or you outsource, the software you use is everywhere. It exists on virtual, physical, mobile and cloud platforms and it resides on PCs, notebooks, mobile devices, thin clients and servers. And it is taking an ever-increasing share of your IT budget.

No doubt you fully understood the costs and benefits when you initially acquired your software. But today are you as well informed? Are you complying with your contracts? Are your contracts appropriate for your current situation? Are you paying attention to maintenance costs? Are you audit ready? And looking forward, are you prepared to manage your current and future purchases effectively and efficiently?

Appreciator is a private independent company based in Sweden. We provide consulting- and subscription services on software license management. We partner with b.lay, a Dutch company who are recognized experts in this field. Working together, we ensure that you gain control, minimize your risk, and are prepared for the future.

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