About Appreciator

The company is led by two partners, Eva-Maria Sjöholm and Torsten Ygge, with extensive Swedish and international experience from companies such as IBM, Oracle and SAP.
Both have about 30 years experience in the IT industry and understanding of the shift that occurred in the IT industry from a focus on the hardware towards that the software will take an increasing share of the IT budget. Eva-Maria and Torsten have over the years participated in many complex issues around licensing models and agreements.

About our Competence Partner, B-lay

B-lay, our competence partner, is a recognized expert in the field of software license management. Founded in 2008 and located in the Netherlands, they have helped hundreds of companies to successfully address the complex issues of software license management.

B-lay provides extensive experience with skilled primarily off-site experts to assist us with projects in the Nordics, and we utilize their proven processes, methods and superior tools in our analysis and recommendations.