Advice & license management with Appreciator

Its about your past, your present and your future. For each and every piece of software you use – operating systems, middleware and applications, you must understand your contracts, know your usage, and validate your compliance. But software does not operate in isolation. Operating systems, middleware and applications interact, yet each may be licensed and count usage in a different way.

If that isn’t difficult enough, your software environment is not static. Your hardware and software changes – there are new models, new operating systems, new license metrics and new releases. Your staff changes. People join your company and others leave. Your plans change. You add projects, cancel projects and modify projects. All these changes affect your software implementation and your license management.

In addition, your current software license management process may not provide the people responsible with the right information at the right time. Do you know who is actually responsible? Do you know that the organization that acquires the software is responsible even when operations are outsourced. It’s no wonder many are fearful when the CFO expresses concern about software costs, or software vendors request an audit.

Going forward, your software license management process must effectively manage all the software in your enterprise, and enable those responsible with the right information at the right time. It must ensure you are prepared for unexpected audits, future changes and software acquisitions. Done well, software license management can save you 20% of your Software license costs. Ineffective software license management can result in excessive software costs and large unforeseen expenses.