The Appreciator offerings

Understand Your Contracts


To fully understand your contracts we review your software purchases over the years, and your specific rights and privileges. We begin by examining your active software contracts and related documentation including agreements, orders, invoices, and payment history. Then we look at relevant licensing changes which you may or may not be aware of. When this examination is complete, you will understand your software purchases, the investments you have made, and your current rights and entitlements.

Know Your Usage


To gather information about your usage, our expert online tools guide you through a set of questionnaires. We also utilize software scripts. These tools and scripts have been used successfully by more than 100 companies world wide. If necessary, we also interview your personnel onsite to gather additional information. When complete, your usage data is stored in a repository for future reference and can be used for an audit or as a benchmark on which to evaluate future changes.

Validate Compliance


Once we understand your contracts and know your usage, we perform a gap analysis. You will learn whether you are using software for which you are not licensed, and conversely whether you are paying for software you are not using. In addition, you may discover that your contracts entitle you to use additional software you may not be aware of. We advise you on how to remedy known issues and how to take advantage of potential savings opportunities.

Regular compliance check


It is not enough to be compliant today. Today’s view changes tomorrow. Appreciator offers a subscription service to re-examine your compliance and your usage on a fixed time interval. Because you previously established and stored your baseline, this is significantly less effort than the first time and it is an effective way to ensure you remain complaint.

Execute Effective Contracts

Understanding what you are entitled to use today and staying on top of how vendors modify their usage rights requires time and energy. But when you have this knowledge you are better prepared to execute contracts effectively. We offer our expertise to help you as you modify existing contracts and sign new ones.

Build or Refine Your License Management Process

When you have control, software license management offers an exciting opportunity to improve your business and your bottom line. But effective License Management must work in concert with your corporate culture, your policies, and your decision making process. We work with you to build a License Management Process or to ensure your License Management process is efficient, effective and helps you meet your current and future goals.

Stay in Control

Appreciator offers ongoing consulting and subscription services to help you achieve your objectives.