A word from our customers


Appreciator is providing Försäkringskassan with regular updates about licensing. Since Appreciator have insight into our IT environment, the information is tuned so it’s relevant to us. In addition to the updates we request advice for specific topics when needed. This works very smoothly and we don’t have to invest time in detailed licensing matters.
Håkan Åsing
Head of domain groups Middleware – Försäkringskassan


Appreciator’s experts effectively clarified Teracom’s understanding of our contracts. We understood what we were using, and who was using what. With that knowledge we could take proper actions.
Martin Carlsson
Director Back End development and systems – Teracom


Appreciator has helped us to better understand the license conditions and rights. With this we have a better position in the dialogue with the supplier and thus we have been able to avoid unnecessary costs.
This according to a senior sourcing manager at a large successful Nordic bank.